Geekbuying 5th Anniversary Promotion Encore: Great deals at the end of the promotion

by Dimitris Economou 0

Geekbuying 5th Anniversary promotion began about 2 weeks ago and until now it has been a great success. It couldn’t be any different, as there were some great deals available. As the event is coming to an end, Geekbuying is making an encore for the last days of the deals and it seems that it has some aces up its sleeves.

Geekbuying Encore

From June 19th to June 25th there are daily flash deals with super prices in some cases. Besides the flash deals, there are other bargains fro just $0.99 and there you can find many accessories and gadgets. Also, a big difference of this event, is that it includes new arrivals, not only past year’s and older products. As always, the “top categories” category is there waiting for you. Lastly, good deals are available on the European Warehouses in Spain and Germany as well. If you didn’t catch the deal you wanted, take another look, you may be lucky this time. Find all the deals here.