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iPhone 8 Units May Be Limited to 3-4 Million Units Due to Lack of OLED Supply

by Martin 2

People may find it a lot harder to get their hands on the upcoming and highly-anticipated Apple iPhone 8 as it may be limited to only 3-4 million units initially due to a supply issue with the device’s OLED display.

According to Digitimes, industry sources have claimed that while Samsung has promised to fully support Apple with regards to their OLED display supply, only 3-4 million iPhone 8 units will be ready for shipping before the device is launched in September.

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Furthermore, the limited supply of OLED display panels will make it difficult for Apple to ship their targeted 50-60 million iPhone 8 units by the end of 2017. So we may only see the massive proliferation of the new iPhone 8 in early or mid-2018.

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  • androwin

    They can always ship some with LCD.

  • Nicolas Marshall

    From that picture, Apple seemed to have managed to be the first to nail the “bezel-less” design, again. I’m kinda disappointed no chinese manufacturer tried to copy that before it’s released