Yi Brand Day on Geekbuying offers great deals on all kinds of cameras

by Dimitris Economou 0

Geekbuying is continuing the promotional events and this time it’s the Yi Cameras that are on offer. Yi is a startup company that Xiaomi has invested in and is producing high-end action cameras as well as IP and dash cams. Add to that the Yi-M1 mirrorless camera and you will realize exactly how much specialized the company is.

Geekbuying Yi Brand Day

In the promotional page, you can see the products by category and choose according to your liking. In the Action Camera category, there are Yi 4K+, Yi 4K and the entry level Yi. As you can see, there are choices for everyone. Moving on to the Home Cameras, there are 5 models available with the top model being the Yi 1080p Dome Camera. Lastly, there are the Yi Dash Cam and Yi-M1 mirrorless camera as well as all kinds of accessories relevant to the products on offer.

To see all the deals in one place, all you have to do is visit the Yi Brand Day page on Geekbuying and shop your hearts out!