Amazon Launches China-Specific Kindle E-Reader

by Martin 0

Amazon has officially announced the launch of a new Kindle specificially made for the Chinese market in the hopes of grabbing a larger stake in the country.

Apart from the standard access to Amazon’s library, the new Kindle also has access to Migu and its library of e-books, thanks to a new partnership with China Mobile. Those who purchase the device will also receive a one-year subscription to Amazon’s Prime service.

While the new Kindle and the incentives it offers may or may not be successful for the company, the new partnership with China Mobile, the largest telecommunications carrier in the country, will definitely be a catalyst for the company and its services to gain more ground and traction in the country.

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At the moment, China is is largely dominated by marketplaces such as Tmall and JD and Amazon will have a long road ahead of it if it wishes to compete.