A new Elephone device with 18:9 aspect ratio is in the works (photos)

by Dimitris Economou 2

This year is the year when companies begin to make a shift in design language. The big players like Samsung and LG released their flagships with almost non-existent bezels, thus, reducing the total size of the device. Apart from that, they moved from 16:9 display aspect ratio to 18.5:9 and 18:9 respectively. This brings 2 advantages: One is the format that the movie industry is starting to adopt is fully supported and the other is that it works well when two apps are open side-by-side. Elephone is always adopting new trends when it comes to smartphones and it seems that they are ready to adopt the 18:9 aspect ratio on a future device.

Elephone 18:9


The device in discussion appeared on photos next to an iPhone 7 Plus and although it has a bigger aspect ratio and its display is taller, it manages to stay shorter that its expensive rival. Note that the display size of the mystery device is 5.72″ and that on the iPhone is 5.5″. The 18:9 aspect ratio also means narrower display, so one-handed use is easier. What’s more, the device could come with Android O preinstalled. If this is true, it should come around the end of the year, after Google releases the source code of the new version. As you can imagine, the phone hasn’t got a name yet, do you have any good ideas? Let us know in the comments!

To learn more about Elephone and its devices, visit the official website here.

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