New UMIDIGI Video Shows Off Battery Quality Tests

by Martin 0

UMIDIGI has published a new video showing off the myriad of tests the batteries for its latest Z1 and Z1 Pro smartphones go through to ensure their quality and safety.

The tests include battery crushing tests, short circuit tests, humidity and temperature tests, and even set the battery on fire to test out its materials.

Here’s the description of each of the tests the batteries go through:

Pressure Test

A maximum of 1300N force pressure was put on the battery for 5 seconds, we are not sure if the battery can handle more force than that, but 1300N pressure is impressive enough to handle for a battery.

Shorting Test

In the battery shorting test, UMIDIGI tested the battery outcome when under high-voltage circumstances. There are some common reasons that cause shorting of mobile phones in real life, such as phone falls in water, which is the most common one, or handset becomes overheated, or using an incompatible or faulty charger for charging. The shorting may cause the phone to be dead, overheating, switches off and on automatically, or even causes sparks or smoke, which is quite dangerous and terrifying if that happens. UMIDIGI ensures that the batteries used on their latest flagship are safe enough when shorting takes place.

Temperature & Humidity Test

In the temperature test, Z1 batteries high-temperature resistance stay up to 80 Celsius. Of course, we won’t normally expose our phones under such extreme temperature but it’s good to know your phone can handle some high temperature without damaging or sparks on fire.

Combustion Test

And in the final battery combustion test, UMIDIGI tested out whether the materials used for the battery are safe enough to prevent damaging burst even when the battery is burned.

The battery tests are pretty thorough and extensive, which adds to the feeling of safety and security when holding the Z1 or Z1 Pro.

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