Little software tricks in Elephone P8 will make your life easier

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone P8 is on presale sometime now and tomorrow it is the last day that you have the chance to get the $50 off coupon. But before you do, you should get as much information possible about its specs and features. Well, specs is easy to learn, but what about software? Elephone, traditionally uses almost vanilla Android on its devices. Almost. To make things even easier and more user-friendly, the company has added little tricks that make using the device even more fun. So, what are these special functions?

1. Duraspeed: makes your phone faster than faster
2. Intelligent sense: multiple ways to free your hands
3. Gesture somatosensory: start camera or screenshot quickly

Elephone P8

Duraspeed is a function that boosts the foreground app by restricting resources on background apps. This is useful especially in heavy games. Also, there is the Intelligent Sense function that allows for Air Gestures for multiple functions. You can use your palm 3-5cm above the screen to swipe through photos in Gallery, change pages in Launcher, unlock the phone, shoot a photo, change songs and radio stations and place a call. Lastly, there is Gesture somatometry function that allows you to take a screenshot when sliding three fingers down and open the camera app when sliding three fingers up. You can watch these features live in the video below.


You can still obtain the $50 off coupon before the deadline by visiting the activity page here.