How safe is a big battery in a 6.95mm body? UMIDIGI explains!

by Dimitris Economou 0

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery fatal blunder is still etched in the memories of many smartphone users. The spate of battery malfunctions and explosions caused Samsung’s global smartphone market share to drop drastically and dented customer trust. The moral of the story is that battery safety is no joke and it should be taken super seriously without any excuse in every step of the making. Otherwise, it might become a time bomb around you.



There is a factory located in southern China where many smartphone manufacturers have their batteries produced and tested. Being one of their major clients, UMIDIGI also has the batteries made there for their latest flagship phones, UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro. Today, UMIDIGI brings us an exceptional video tour of Z1’s battery safety test, which they filmed under the special admission from the factory. In the video, UMIDIGI carries out rigorous tests on batteries including battery crushing test, short circuit test, humidity and temperature test, and in the end even put the battery on fire to test out the battery materials.


Pressure Test

A maximum of 1300N force pressure was put on the battery for 5 seconds, we are not sure if the battery can handle more force than that, but 1300N pressure is impressive enough to handle for a battery.


Short-circuit Test

In the battery short-circuit test, UMIDIGI tested the battery outcome when under high-voltage circumstances. There are some common reasons that cause short-circuits in mobile phones in real life, such as water, overheating or using an incompatible or faulty charger for charging. UMIDIGI ensures that the batteries used on their latest flagship are safe enough in case a short-circuit occurs.


Temperature & Humidity Test

In the temperature test, UMIDIGI batteries high-temperature resistance reaches 80 Degrees Celsius. Of course, it’s not normal to expose our phones under such extreme temperature but it’s good to know your phone can handle some high temperature without being damaged.


Combustion Test

In the final test, the combustion test, UMIDIGI tested out whether the materials used for the battery are safe enough to prevent bursting even when the battery is burned.

It is worth to know that the device you hold everyday is made with strict and attentive procedure. UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro are now on presale. Subscribe on their official site to get $40 off or enter giveaway to try your luck for winning one for free.