One tap: ELE OS 1.0 allows you to change the wallpaper with just one tap (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

As you might have read in previous news, Elephone has finished developing the company’s own custom OS based on Android, ELE OS. The new Android fork will debut in the all-new Elephone P8 Mini bringing all kinds of cool features. As mentioned before, it resembles a lot to Apple’s iOS but with a lot more custom features (it’s Android after all).


As it is a work in progress, the company is introducing new features every now and then. Today, we have a function that makes wallpaper change in ELE OS an easy procedure. To do that, all you have to do is tap on the dedicated icon and the wallpaper will be automatically replaced. Super cool and easy, isn’t it?

The wallpapers are chosen from Elephone’s own library which they are constantly updating with new, cool wallpapers. In addition, ELE OS provides a theme market that updates the looks so that you don’t get bored. Also, there is a random wallpaper mode that cycles through available wallpapers, but if you do not like it, don’t worry, you can choose your favorite one and make it permanent. Watch the video below to see the feature in action.

Elephone promises to keep updating us on the progress of ELE OS and will soon invite some users to join the beta group to experience the latest version and comment on improvements and new features. If you want to join the ELE OS beta group, keep an eye on the Elephone Facebook Page as the will post more information soon. In the meantime, today is the last day of the Elephone P8 Mini and P8 promotional activity, catch it while it lasts!