Elephone P8 3D is in the works and promises unprecedented 3D experience

by Dimitris Economou 1

Glasses-free 3D technology is not new. Back in 2011, HTC launched a glasses-free 3D smartphone G17. Other brands like LG followed, launching their version of 3D smartphone but no device managed to gain significant market share due to the fact that the technology behind 3D wasn’t mature enough. At that time, the field of view for a 3D camera was fixed and moving the display outside a certain point in your field of view, ruined the 3D effect, resulting in a lousy user experience.

Elephone P8 3D

Fast forward 6 years and Elephone has a 3D, Glasses-free device in the works. Implementing the latest advancements in 3D technology, Elephone P8 3D also has eye-tracking that follows the user’s eyesight up to 70° to adjust the 3D content accordingly. In addition, the company has increased the line-of-sight range to 30-60cm. In other words, even you move your sight, the 3D effect will follow, offering a dizzy-free, 3D experience.

Elephone P8 3D

ELephone P8 3D is still in developing phase and we hope it will soon hit the market with 3D experience that lacks the problems of the past. For more info on Elephone products, visit their official page.