Cubot S1 joins the New Tech Products campaign on Aliexpress, gets 20% off

by Dimitris Economou 0

Cubot S1 was introduced only last month carrying many features that classify it as one of the most complete sports bands on the market together with Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and others. And for everyone who wanted to buy it but waited for a good discount, now it’s time. The Cubot S1 will be among the Tech Products campaign on Alixpress that offers them at a discounted price. The S1 will receive 20% off its original price of $49.99, meaning that you can get it for just $39.99. The event will run from July 18th to July 25th. All you have to do is visit the product page during that period.

Cubot S1

Cubot S1 has advanced biometric features like 24-hour dynamic heart rate monitoring as well as multiple sports monitoring that can automatically identify a variety of sports modes like walking, running, riding etc, based on the 6-axis accelerometer. At the same time, you’ll get data like accurate running mileage, dynamic heart rate, and consumption of calories via the mobile app. Of course, there are notifications for calls and messages as well as other social apps.