Vkworld Mix+ has a single camera that can shoot with Bokeh Effect (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

In previous news, we learned that Vkworld Mix+ claims to be the world’s cheapest full-screen phone. The phone features mirror glass for both the front and the back, something that contributes to its color changing according to the way light hits on its body. Since it is an almost bezel-less device, its body size is that of a 5-incher despite the fact that it sports a 5.5″ display. But today’s news is not about the display, it is about its camera.

Vkworld Mix+


Going against the dual camera trend, the company has chosen a single, 13MP camera sensor on the back. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to lack features found on dual camera devices. Even with a single camera, the phone can still shoot photos with Bokeh Effect, just like its dual-cam competitors. In addition, you can choose the focus are after the photo is taken. What’s more, the camera supports live photos like iPhone. Also, the front 8MP camera will come with a new beauty mode for selfie junkies.

As for its rest of the specs, it will come with 3GB RAM as well as 32GB of internal storage in the standard version and there will be variants with more RAM and storage. As mentioned above, there will be a 5.5″ display from LG and 178 degrees viewing angle, HDR support and Gorilla Glass 4 for both front and back panels. Lastly, color temperature, contrast, brightness etc can be customized by users.