Chuwi Hi-Dock is a 4-port Fast Charger that acts as a dock as well

by Dimitris Economou 0

Chuwi is known mainly for its excellent tablets and – lately- laptops, but the company makes some neat accessories too. One of them is Chuwi Hi-Dock that is a… dock (obviously) but a 4-port fast charger as well. It comes in a small volume, so small that you can hold it in your palm, but it has great capabilities. It supports Quick Charge 3.0 while it acts as a dock which you can use to place your device while it’s charging.

Chuwi Hi-Dock

Just imagine this: You are working late on your computer and your phone is out of juice. At the same time, you must charge your tablet so that it is ready for the next busy day. You just connect them to the Hi-Dock and let them charge while they comfortably rest on it.

Chuwi Hi-Dock

Or you are working with your teammates on a group project, and each one of you need to stay on charge with your tablets at the same time, what’s the solution for this? Just put Chuwi Hi-Dock in the middle and 4 devices can charge at the same time without the need to stop what you’re doing.

The Chuwi Hi-Dock is available both on Amazon and Gearbest for around $21. An unbeatable price for an awesome accessory that makes your digital life easier.