Elephone P8 battery life is one of the top in its class (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone P8 is one of several members of the P8 Series that the company presented this year and will continue to do in the future. According to studies, the two top priorities for users as far as smartphone use is concerned, are battery life and camera quality. To test the battery performance of P8, Elephone conducted a test.

Elephone P8

Using a fully charged Elephone P8, they started a 47-minute per episode TV series on the device. Surprisingly, P8 managed to achieve a 12 hour of continuous video playback. It even reached the end of the season on one charge! Undoubtedly, it is a remarkable performance.

In addition, as Elephone P8 is considered a camera phone, it sports PDAF technology which helps in delivering the best possible bokeh effect and a 3600mAh battery which, with the help of power-saving allows for long shooting times without the need to charge. So, any of you in search of a good camera phone with long battery performance, go ahead and try Elephone P8. You can find more details here.