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Dodocool DA131 is a 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound headset on offer

by Dimitris Economou 0

Dodocool is a traditional Chinese power when it comes to accessories and headphones. The other day we told you about their DA108 hi-res in ear headset, and today we have a more advanced model, the Dodocool DA131 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound headset that we had presented in the past and is currently on offer at Amazon.

Dodocool DA131

The DA131 uses a patented 5.1 Channel Frequency Division Technology that delivers 360-degree sound, similar to Dolby and is achieved through the physical divider patented technology. The high-precision 12mm dynamic driver brings remarkable sound effects and enhanced bass performance reaches 3Hz extremely low frequency.

Dodocool DA131

In addition, there is an inner noise filtering design that brings the most original sound possible to your ears where the interchangeable high-elastic silicone earplugs ensure a secure fit and comfortable experience for long time wear. Lastly, they are currently considered to be the smallest multi-channel stereo earphones.

Dodocool DA131

They are currently available on Amazon on a great discount. They cost just $19.99 and you can get them by visiting the official product page and selecting your county. The Amazon button will take you to the appropriate Amazon Site according to your country.