Xiaomi Smart Home Devices combo great offer on Gearbest (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Smart Home is not the future of the home, it is the present. We all have seen sci-fi movies in the past showing homes where everything is automated, from lights to air conditioners to door locks and TVs. Well, this all is already a reality and Xiaomi has -and continues to- invested greatly on Smart Home appliances. Three of them are part of the promotion from Gearbest that is currently running for just $59.99 after applying coupon SmartH during checkout. You can find the deal here.


Yeelight RGBW E27 LED Bulb

Yeelight Gearbest


Yeelight E27 LED Bulb is the alternative to Philips Hue Light. It features 16 million colors and you can also adjust the color temperature. All you have to do is use Mi Home app, which is available on the Play Store. Within the app, you can adjust the color temperature and brightness of the bulb. There is a variety of different colors as well as a flow mode. Its biggest advantage is that it is controlled via WiFi, a huge advantage over Bluetooth.


Mi Home Air Conditioner Companion

Mi Home Air Conditioner Companion Gearbest

Mi Home Air Conditioner Companion is a detachable socket for your air conditioning system. The socket comes with a smart gateway as well as infrared remote control and a radio network. The socket can detect the temperature in the home and automatically switch on the AC if the room temperature becomes too high. The socket also connects to an app and allows users to check the state of the air conditioning and read the operating power of the air conditioning. The total power consumption can also be monitored via the app. The Mi air-conditioning partner can remotely display the state of air conditioning and control, and it can link with other Mi home smart gadgets such as humidity sensor and others.


Xiaomi Mi Magic Controller AC 220v

Xiaomi Mi Magic Controller Gearbest

Xiaomi Mi Magic Controller is practically a cube that will function as a standard remote control. The edges of this cube each measuring only 5cm with 73g ultra light weight even carry. All Xiaomi smart home devices can thereby be controlled(like lamps, TV sets, Air Purifier etc.). It is capable of supporting several actions. In particular, it allows you to control Lamps, Smart TV, Air Purifiers and other smart devices by simply shaking the Cube, moving it, rotating it 90 degrees or 180 degrees, or by making a double tap on it.