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Elephone S8 full-screen smartphone is coming soon, first features show up in video

by Dimitris Economou 8

Elephone S8 has attracted much attention by people before its official launching. This is normal, as it is among the few full-screen (or tri-bezeless if you prefer) on the market right now. Yes, it is about to be released, so it goes in the “On the market” category. Today, we have a preview video for it that reveals some of its specs. Let’s have a look.

In the video, we can see Elephone S8 will feature a tri-bezel-less 6″ display with a 2K resolution, as it is the standard resolution in about every high-end flagship right now. Its processor is also of high-end grade, as it will carry the Helio X27 SoC, which may come from last year, but still is an amazing performer and supports high-quality camera sensors.

elephone s8

In addition, the rear camera has a 21MP sensor with autofocus and dual LED flash while the front sports an 8MP one. We hope it will be another good camera phone just like Elephone P8 and P8 Mini.This time, we know that

Right now, we know that the S8 will run on Android 7.1.1 out of the box and we will probably see an update to Android 8 in the future. As shown in the video, there are three colors available (Black, Blue and Gold) but there will be a Red version also, if all goes well. To learn more about Elephone, visit their official website.

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  • Nicolas Marshall

    Why call that full screen ?

    • All of Elephone’s preorder and preview campaigns are gimmicky.
      Same can be said for Umi and a few others.

    • Jack Inmanz

      Amen. If it’s full screen, what are they calling the big black thing at the bottom?

      • Nicolas Marshall

        I guess they just didn’t notice it

  • AtereJr

    Since when did the P8 mini become a good camera phone & BTW the P8 is MIA so no way to tell if it’s camera is good enough, just unnecessary hype going on for now.
    As usual time will tell with elephone products.

  • Nerdy

    Just copy everything from Samsung ..

    • LifelessNewt

      Not everything, the quality is far from…

  • Vesuvius

    If it’s as big in the hand as that photo suggests then no thank you.