Flipkart Teases New Phone With Large Battery, Compact Display

by Martin 0

Flipkart is teasing a new smartphone that it will sell exclusively to the Indian market with the message “#GoBeyond.”

According to Flipkart teasers, the new device will feature a large battery that supports fast charging. It also said that the device will come with a surprisingly compact display, something that goes against the usual trend of large displays.

The new smartphone will also feature a single rear camera, as opposed to a trendier dual rear camera system and will come in multiple color options aside from the regular and standard black and white. There’s a possibility that the device will come in blue, gold, and red as well.

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Flipkart didn’t release any more information or details on the new device such as the exact release date or price other than it will be coming soon to India so we’ll just have to wait for more information to either be leaked or officially announced.

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