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How UMIDIGI perfects details for a bezel-less Phone for everyone (video)

by Dimitris Economou 4

UMIDIGI began production of the bezel-less phone UMIDIGI Crystal a long time ago, but unexpected difficulties stalled the release of the device. Since the first announcement, many users keep asking when it will come to the market and so do we. The company has been asking themselves the substantial question every company does before a new product launch: Why would customers buy a full-screen smartphone?

High speaker sound volume and Strong Signal

Umidigi Crystal

The obvious answer is a bezel-less smartphone with high screen-ratio will widen view and break boundaries. But how about details? High screen-ratio may sacrifice some basic functions in a device like speaker volume or signal strength. To cope with many of these problems, UMIDIGI decided to sacrifice 2 months of marketing time to perfect all the details before the official launch.


Premium Materials, Essential LinesUmidigi Crystal

Sound volume problem is solved with BOX sound chamber technology to improve the sound coming from the earpiece speaker. Also, rear cameras, fingerprint sensor, and the flash led light are all in one line, for a symmetrical design. All details improvements are inside a premium 2.5D glass unibody, which also improves the signal performance.


Breathing Notification Light, USB Type-C, Quick Charge

Umidigi Crystal

An additional breathing light line was added on the front like it is the entrance of the magic box. Immersive full display design plus a FHD screen bring a clear visual enjoyment. The moment you open the box, the company wants you to have a mind-blowing experience. Just as the intent behind UMIDIGI Crystal, is to make you think outside the box. USB Type-C reversible connector supports quick charge and dual-camera takes photo shooting to the next level. Starting from $99 make everyone can enjoy the latest technology. Subscribe now to get the latest UMIDIGI Crystal news and get the chance to buy it for $99.

Umidigi Crystal

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  • All talk.
    I hope I’m proven wrong this time around, but UMI never release a device that is fully optimized whether it is the hardware or the software
    Many issues pop up with UMI devices and instead of solving them with the valuable feedback from the customers, UMI employees act like trolls on social media to downvote, dislike, and shutdown negative comments they receive on various social media outlets.
    About time they grow up and take responsibility.


    i just took this phone and 1 serius problem, the earpiece speaker is very very low, in a place with croud you can’t hear allmost nothing !!

    • Burs

      Go to Engineering Mode (dial *#*#3646633#*#*) and change the earpiece volume levels manualy. That’s one of MTK advantages over Snapdragons 🙂 Didn’t tried it myself, but I’m sure I will (got my phone just hours ago).

  • Burs

    Does this phone really supports fast charging? The adapter that came with the phone is 5V/1A, unfortunatelly. I have couple of fast charge adapters (2A and 2.5A), so I’m not sure whether to try it or not, so I don’t damage it permanently. Many sites claim the phone supports fast charging, but since the model is new, and not people really have it, I don’t trust completely what they’re saying.