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Dodocool DA84 Mini Bluetooth Speaker 35% off offer on Amazon

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since the Bluetooth protocol has evolved so much and it consumes very little power now, more and more Bluetooth-enabled accessories have hit the market. Dodocool is a company with awesome Value-For-Money products that range from PC to smartphone accessories as well as media players. The Dodocool DA84 is a Bluetooth-enabled Mini Speaker that is small in size, easily portable and provides for enough power to accompany you when you want to listen to some music out of the blue.

Dodocool DA84

The DA84 weighs only 45g. Additionally, it’s quality is -as always- premium and made of aluminum. On the back of the speaker, lies the micro USB port for charging while at the top, the membrane speaker is placed. At the bottom of the speaker, we find the Power ON / OFF. It is also a multi-function button. Although small, the sound quality is quite good, apart from some bass buzzing when at maximum volume.

Dodocool DA84


Dodocool DA84 is available on Amazon and is 35% off right now. This means $7 off its original price. So, for just $12.99 you can get a tiny speaker to carry easily with you on vacation. For more information, visit the product page where you can find the links to Amazon stores around the Globe.

Dodocool DA84

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