Sony Mobile Sees Profits Rise During Q1 FY2017, Ships 3.4 Million Smartphones

by Martin 0

Sony has just released its financial releases for the first quarter of the 2017 financial year and it looks like things are looking good for the company.

First off, the company shipped a total of 3.4 million smartphones during the quarter, a big increase from the 3.1 million it shipped during the same period last year. Operating revenues were also up by a large margin and reached a total of JPY 3.6 Billion, three times higher than the same period last year, attributing to reduced operating costs and R&D expenses.

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In spite of mobile revenues going down due to Sony’s change up of its smartphone product mix, total revenues were up by 15%. And things are looking to get even better as Sony is targeting a total smartphone shipment of 16.5 million this year. The company is set to launch three smartphones at IFA Berlin 2017 later this month on August 31.