Dodocool DC21 Smart 3 AC Outlet 4-Port USB Power Strip offer

by Dimitris Economou 0

As Dodocool expands its products inventory to home appliances and accessories, Dodocool released a power outlet strip similar to Xiaomi’s power strip adding 4 additional USB ports to plug your smart appliances for charging. Dodocool Smart 4 AC Outlet Power Strip with 4-Port USB Charger lets you charge up to four appliances and four USB devices simultaneously. It’s the must-have charging solution for home, office or travel.

Dodocool DC21

When it comes to electric power, safety is the No 1 feature that you should worry about. The DC21 over-current, over-voltage, and overheating protection as well as short-circuit protection for USB devices. In addition, it supports up to 2.4A per USB charging port and can intelligently deliver the optimal current and fast charge up to four smartphones or two tablets simultaneously. The company provides its customers with 18 months of warranty, so you are covered for a long time as accessories usually come with 6 months of warranty.

Dodocool DC21

Visit the official product page to learn more about the Dodocool DC21 and see the links to Amazon where it is available for purchase at $16.99.