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Vkworld Mix Plus cheapest full-screen smartphone coming on August 7th for $99.99

by Dimitris Economou 5

Vkworld Mix Plus has been known to us for more than 2 months. Right now, it is sold only on Gearbest for $139.99. But the price will go down to $99.99 from August 7 to August 14 for 100 units daily. And customers can also get a $7.99 car charger for only $0.99.


Vkworld Mix Plus

The killer feature of Vkworld Mix Plus is its 5.5″ bezel-less display. It is an IPS display with on-cell and HDR technology. The screen sports very high brightness, contrast, and wide viewing angles. It can even compete with high-end screens on iPhone 7 Plus and HTC 10.

Moreover, the phone is built with CNC metal frame and 2.5D Mirror Glass on front and back. the camera carries a Sony 13MP sensor which can support Bokeh Effect like dual camera smartphones. You can adjust the virtual aperture to choose the background blur effect to your liking.

Vkworld Mix Plus

Vkworld Mix Plus specs

  • 5.5″ on-cell IPS display
  • Samsung 3GB RAM+32GB storage
  • 13MP+8MP camera
  • 2.5D mirror on front and back
  • MT6737 quad-core
  • 2850mAh battery
  • Android 7.0, OTA update
  • Long screenshot and screen recording

The price of $99.99 will only last for a week and a free glass screen film and silicon case will come with the device. Get it now on Gearbest.  Also, Vkworld’s summer promotion is also on-going. You can get the F2 and Z3310 for just $55.99 and $19.99 respectively. Find out about them here.

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  • Nicolas Marshall

    So it’s not a full-screen smartphone, and the body of your article says it’s not gonna cost $99.99

  • Greg

    “Full screen smartphone”, “bezel-less display”. Have we lost the meaning of the words? I know doing business with sellers is a thing but Gizmo China, please respect your readers.

  • 3Pac

    It’s not full screen! Yes both sides and top side have thin bezel but the maker essentially moved the top thick bezel down to join the bottom thick bezel, making it a very thick bezel at the bottom which is very ugly. Mi Mix has a much thinner bottom bezel as compared to this phone.

  • NextHype

    “Right now, it is sold only on Gearbest for $139.99. But the price will go down to $99.99 from August 7 to August 14”

    So who told you to advertise this sell in advance ? Gearbest or VKworld ?

  • Sandy

    This smartphone wonderful . I like it . Yesterday I buyed it $99.99 .