Airselfie EO3 Brushless Quadcopter Drone Promotion at Cafago

by Martin 0

Online retailer Cafago is currently running a promotion for the Airselfie EO3 Brushless Quadcopter drone that offers the gadget at 38% off with an additional $15 discount with the use of a coupon code (COUPON CODE: RC8707).

If it wasn’t obvious with its name, the Airselfie is a small quadcopter drone that lets users easily take selfies from different angles as the Airselfie is able to fly up to 20 meters high and is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera as well as a built-in 4GB SD card.

The Airselfie features a very simple and sleek design that allows users to grab it mid-air as its rotors are set within its body. It’s also equipped with a stability camera and an altitude sonar to help it hover easily and reliably without much effort.

Because it’s meant to take selfies, the Airselfie can be controlled using a smartphone with an app and aside from photos, it can also take 1080p videos.

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With the sale and coupon code (COUPON CODE: RC8707), the price of the Airselfie can be brought down to only $201.88 from its original price of $344.70. The promotion runs until August 15, 2017, so those interested in this great deal should secure their units soon. Those interested can purchase the Airselfie here.