Chuwi Q2 Power 20000mAh QC3.0 powerbank sale on Gearbest

by Dimitris Economou 0

Chuwi has been growing rapidly lately, not only with its expansion to other countries like Greece but with new products and features as well. The company not only works its way up to explore more charging ports, like the recently released Hi-Dock but also brings the battery capacity to a whole new level with its newly-released Chuwi Q2 Power.

Chuwi Q2 Power

The Chuwi Q2 Power packs a 20000mAh capacity LG battery in its 0.36kg body. It supports the latest QC3.0 protocol and offers 3 USB outputs (1*type-C, 2*type-A ). What’s more, charging is bi-directional as you can charge it through the Type-C port while you charge other devices through the remaining ports.

Chuwi Q2 Power

QC3.0 protocol is faster than QC2.0 with 27% speed increase and 4* faster than conventional charge as well as more efficient with 35% efficiency improvement than QC2.0. Also, it produces less heat with 45% heat reduction. As an example of its capabilities, you can recharge iPhone 7 for 7.1 times, Galaxy S7 for 5.1 times and iPad Mini 2 for 2.5 times.

Chuwi Q2 Power

But no matter if you own a Xiaomi Mi 6, LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 or your phone features Snapdragon 835/821/820 SoC, Chuwi Q2 Power has got you covered. And with its AiCharge Technology, the Q2 detects the optimum speed for your device for both iOS and Android.

To catch the deal, just visit Gearbest where it is available for just $36.99. For more details on Q2 power, visit the official product page here.