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No1 F4 Smartband is the next model of the company and it’s coming soon

by Dimitris Economou 2

No.1 is synonymous to smartwatches and smartbands and after the No.1 F3 Smartwatch, it is ready to release a new wearable, the No1 F4 Smartband. Smartbands have become very popular, even more popular that smartwatches mainly to their great VFM as they offer almost everything smartwatches offer, at a much lower price. Another advantage is that they sport small displays, so the battery life is dramatically improved.

No1 F4 Smartband

No1 F4 is coming to go head-to-head with the king of smartbands, Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It’s a smartband with a monochrome monitor that supports watchfaces and features that many competing devices lack, like blood oxygen meter. Also, there are the standard features like heart rate monitor, calorie counter, ultraviolet radiation, heartbeat meter, up to 30m waterproof and so on. The NO.1 F4 Smartband features two-color straps, so it will come in 4 color combinations: black-fluo green, black-red, blue- dark blue and black-gray.

No1 F4 Smartband

To see the full list of features and specs, you can visit the official product page here. Below, you can watch a short video presentation of the smartband.

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  • Ron Ruys

    Again the No1 Company made the same mistake making this a useless product before it is even released. With their weatches I bought the charger was a clip or magnetic charger cable that relies on contacts that get dirty and stop working like my two watches, so I went to a DZ03 watch that has a proper battery and USB plug in charger cable. Have not been able to use the No1 products since, so now two watches that I can no longer use.

    • Ron Ruys

      Been chatting with No1 Support and proven this product has a fault that No1 products have had a while and they refuse to fix. I had a No1 G2 watch and it had a charge cable that fit on the back and connected via 5 contacts for charging and connection. These became dirty and no longer connected and as such I had to buy a second one, same thing, then No1 went o the D2 magnetic hold on but same problem four contacts, bow with the F4 same magnetic hold two contacts, other brands have woken up and watches such as the DZ09 has USB socket for standard charge cable. The G2 was about $100 while the better DZ09 is $15 So unless No1 start listening and fix their charging cable, I wont be buying one anytime soon