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Samsung Wins Galaxy Note 7 Lawsuit in Korea

by Martin 3

A class action lawsuit filed in South Korea last year by a group of Galaxy Note 7 has been ruled in favor of Samsung, saving the company from possibly paying upwards of KRW 925 million ($822,000).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The group sought to get KRW 300,000 ($267) per person for the trouble caused by the recall of Samsung’s troubled Galaxy Note 7. Since the lawsuit has filed, the number of claimants has grown to a massive 1,900 and the money sought to the aforementioned KRW 925 million or $433 per person.

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According to the ruling, the recall and any inconvenience it may have caused was not “unacceptable” which has led to it ruling in favor of Samsung. The company faces a similar suit in the US, although that is still ongoing.

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  • balcobomber25

    Is anyone really surprised that Samsung won? Korea is one of the most corrupt countries there is and Samsung is one of the biggest players behind the scenes in that corruption.

    • NextHype

      Maybe we’ll see some changes with the new prime minister, even if I doubt he can properly undermine chaebol powerplay in a single mandat… but Korean people is massively fed up with this situation so there is hope ^^

  • Wolvie

    It is expected to be like that.

    Samsung is a huge corporation and more or less own south korea and already well known for a lot of corruption scandal that involved some of the high rank government officials.

    it is like David fighting with Goliath but in this case David is the losing party.