Thin as a blade Chuwi LapBook Air coming soon

by Dimitris Economou 6

Chuwi is on fire! And how couldn’t they be since their laptop lineup is selling extremely well. This time, the company is ready to release it’s thinnest laptop ever, Chuwi LapBook Air. Looking at it for the first time, it’s easy to mistake it for a MacBook without the Apple logo. It’s so thin and so light to hold in hand.

Chuwi LapBook Air

The logo is backlit and it looks so smooth and quiet that together with the backlit keyboard, it’s the perfect companion during nighttime. Taking a look at its dimensions, you realize that – at its thinnest point- it is as thin as a magazine, only 6mm. Impressive number nevertheless.

Chuwi LapBook Air

It may be thin and light, but its display isn’t small at all. It is a 14.1″ laptop with full-metal fuselage that weights only 1.3kg and it feels so sleek and comfortable with the matte finish that you think you are holding the real MacBook or Surface laptop. Also, thanks to close to zero bezel design, the screen-to-body ratio is very large.

In addition, thanks to full lamination, the protective glass is so close to the display panel resulting in detailed and vibrant performance, while being totally black when the screen is off.

There is no more info on its specs and release date, but we will know soon enough.

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