World’s Fastest Electric Supercar NIO EP9 to Feature MIUI 9

by Martin 0

Last November, the first production model of the NIO EP9, fastest electric supercar in the world, was officially unveiled in London. And today, Xiaomi has teased that its MIUI 9 operating system will be coming to the EP9.

The company teased the partnership between the two companies with a poster showing a race track in the shape of a “9” with the caption “the fastest mobile operating system, driving the fastest electric supercar” and “MIUI X NIO” below that.

No details have been released as to what exactly how the MIUI 9 will be implemented in the EP9. The mobile operating system may be integrated into the car’s control functions such as unlocking the vehicle, adjusting its functions, or even remote control.

It makes sense that Xiaomi is partnering with NIO as one of the company’s six investors and one of only six owners of an EP9 is Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.

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We should hear more details on the partnership soon when it’s officially and fully announced.