Dodocool DA71 USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter offer on Amazon

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since manufacturers started to adopt the UCB Type-C connector on their devices, a major problem emerged: Existing micro-USB chargers and accessories became useless. Thankfully, there is a solution to almost every problem, and this was solved with micro-USB to Type-C adaptors. Dodocool DA71 USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter allows you to connect your USB-C smartphone or tablet to any USB charger or computer with a standard micro-USB cable.

Dodocool DA71

And since the tiny and simple USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter meets USB-C technical standards, you can use it for charging, sync or data transfer. All you have to do is connect your device with your micro-USB cables, to any charger or computer. In addition, apart from power, it allows for data transfer with a speed up to 480 Mbps together with high-speed Micro-USB charging.

Dodocool DA71

The adapter is as easy to use as blinking: Just plug the adapter’s reversible USB-C plug into your USB-C device and a Micro-USB cable into the adapter’s Micro-USB port. No other hardware or software required. You can find the full details on the official product page. There, you will also find the links to your preferred Amazon store where it is on offer with a 78% discount! Get for just $2!