Maze Alpha 6GB version will be available for sale on August 28th

by Dimitris Economou 0

Maze Alpha is the most important device of the newly founded company, and so far it is doing amazingly well. It started its presale about 2 months ago for just $179.99. The killer feature is, of course, its bezeless display with the battery life coming in second place. The stunning 6″ screen with its near absence of bezels is remarkable given the gulf in price.

Maze Alpha 6GB

The only blemish so far is the absence of the 6GB version. As you can remember, it was announced that there will be two versions available, a 4GB one and the top version with 6GB. Finally, the time has come to make things right, as the 6GB version will debut on August 28th. As for the rest of the specs, they are identical to the smaller version, with the battery life still being excellent thanks to the 4,000 mAh battery. It will give you around a day and a half of usage.

In the meantime, the 4GB version is already waiting for you. Get yours from Gearbest. To learn more about the devicem visit the product page here.