The Dodocool DA120 USB Cable Lets You Charge Any of Your Devices

by Martin 0

It isn’t uncommon for people to own multiple mobile devices including more than one smartphone as well as a tablet. But in the current state of mobile technology, where there are at least three major connector standards in the market, people usually end up having to bring a few cables to make sure they have one each type of port or connector.

Dodocool wants to solve this problem with its latest DA120 USB cable, which allows users to switch the connector from the older micro-USB connector to either a USB Type-C or Lightning connector, making the cable usable for three different sets of devices. The cable, which measures 3.3 feet or 1 meter, also supports fast charging up to 2.4A of current.

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The Dodocool DA120 USB cable is available on Amazon with a price tag of $11.99, which is pretty affordable considering it takes the place of three cables.