Connect Devices Easier With the Dodocool DA125 Magnetic Micro USB Cable

by Martin 0

Dodocool wants to make charging or connecting your smartphone with its new DA125 Magnetic Micro USB Cable which features a two-piece connector which connect via a strong magnet.

One part of the connector, which consists of the actual micro USB plug, can be attached and left on the smartphone while the other part of the connector is attached to the cable itself. The two parts can then be connected via the aforementioned magnets to begin charging or transferring data.

Apart from making connecting your cable to your device more convenient, the DA125’s design also protects your smartphone’s micro USB port from dust as well as wear and tear from frequent plugging and unplugging of connectors.

Aside from its two-piece magnetized connector, the DA125 also features a 1.2-meter cable, support for data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps, and high-speed charging support up to 2.4A.

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The Dodocool DA125 Magentic Micro USB Cable is currently available via Amazon for a price of £6.99 in the United Kingdom. More information on where the DA125 can be purchased can be found on its official website.