Check Out the MEIIGOO S8 in New Video

by Martin 0

Just the other day, relatively new Chinese smartphone manufacturer MEIIGOO teased that their upcoming flagship MEIIGOO S8 will feature a truly curved display, similar to the one found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. And in a new video, the company finally shows off the design of the MEIIGOO S8.

Looking at the video, the MEIIGOO S8 looks incredibly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, to the point that it could be said that the new device is a clone of Samsung’s flagship.

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No other details about the  MEIIGOO S8 have been released so we’ve yet to know just what will be powering the new device. But with MEIIGOO already showing off the phone itself, it might not be too long before we find out more about the new device.