Ulefone Holding Brands Shopping Week on AliExpress

by Martin 1

Ulefone will be holding a Brands Shopping Week promotion on AliExpress that puts several of its products on sale, with prices as low as $9.84.

Some of the products that will be put on sale during the promotion include the company’s new Ulefone S8 Pro, which will be priced at only $9.84, as well as the the new Power 2, which will be priced at only $10.2 for a limited number of units then will be priced at $149.99 after that. Here are a few other devices that will be included in the promotion with their respective discounted prices:

Ulefone U008 Pro – $9.9

Ulefone Tiger – $9.9

Ulefone T1 – $199.79

Ulefone Gemini Pro – $228.79

Ulefone Metal – $89.99

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The Ulefone Brands Shopping Week promotion begins on August 28 and will throughout the week. Interested customers can already place the participating products they plan to purchase in their shopping carts and the prices will automatically be adjusted once the promotion begins. More information on the promotion can be found here.