Cubot Holds AliExpress Brands Shopping Week

by Martin 0

Cubot is currently holding a Brands Shopping Week promotion on AliExpress which puts many of the company’s devices on sale for up to 30% off.

Some of the deals included in the promotion include the recently release Cubot Magic which will be priced at only $89.09 during the sale. Another is the Cubot Rainbow 2 which is on sale for 30% off at $69.99.

Other notable devices that are also part of the promotion include the Cubot R9, Cubot Dinosaur, and Cubot Max smartphones, as well as the Cubot V1, Cubot V2, and Cubot S1 smartbands.

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The Cubot AliExpress Brands Shopping Week promotion will run until September 1, 2017 so those interested in picking up a new smartphone or smartband from the company should secure their unit soon from the brand’s store on AliExpress here.