Dodocool Releases Air Humidifer, Now Available on Amazon

by Martin 0

Dodocool is a brand that’s usually known for their mobile and computer accessories such as chargers, adapters, cables, and such. But the company also has a few home products in their roster including its latest Dodocool air humidifier.

The Dodocool air humidifier features a 400ml tank for storing water and mixing it with essential oils. The large water tank lets the air humidifier run for up to 7 hours of strong mist or 12 hours of moderate mist.

According to the product description, the air humidifier generates ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency of 2.4 million times per second to change water and essential oils into tiny micro-particles without the use of heat.

The air humidifier also features touch controls to adjust its settings which include a seven color LED light with several brightness levels, time setting modes, and switching between strong and moderate mist.

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The Dodocool air humidifier is available on Amazon for $34.99 and is available in both white and block color options.