Banggood 11th Anniversary 72-hour Blitz Sale Starting on September 7

by Martin 0

Banggood is celebrating its 11th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion the online store is running a 72-hour Blitz Sale.

During the first day of the Blitz Sale, there will be deals for up to 50% while on the second day the discounts will start breaching the 50% off mark.

The second as well as the third day of the Blitz Sale will also feature incredible snap-up deals with items being priced at only $99 and $11 during the second day and some items priced as low as $9.9, $1.1, $0.99, and $0.11.

Additionally, the store will have limited $11 off coupons available on a first-come, first-served basis as well as a promo-wide 11% off coupon for orders over $50.

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The items included in the deal include smartphones, drones, home appliances, tablets, gadget accessories, outdoor gadgets, IP cameras, LED lights, and more.

Here is some coupon codes for Xiaomi smartphones in the 11th anniversary promotion.