GearBest Autumn Bumper Harvest Begins Today

by Martin 8

GearBest is launching another promotion called the Autumn Bumper Harvest which puts many of the products available in their store on sale.

Apart from the usual flash sales, the Autumn Bumper Harvest will also put several big-ticket items on sale if they are shared on social media a number of items. The more times the deal is shared, the lower its sale price.

During the promotion, customers will also be able to purchase Lucky Bags which will have a number of unknown items from a specific brand or category. The Lucky Bags are pretty cheap but customers won’t know what will be inside the Lucky Bag they purchase.

Those who purchase items during the promotion will also be able to purchase add-on items, such as mini tripods or earphones, at incredibly low prices.

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The GearBest Autumn Bumper Harvest promotion will run from August 6 to 18 but, as always, items that are part of the sale will be limited in stock and deals will change on a daily basis so those interested in purchasing items during the promotion should follow the promotion page here.

Here is some coupon code for this promotion: