OUKITEL K10000 MAX Battery Usage Tested in New Video

by Martin 0

The K10000 MAX is the latest rugged battery-centric smartphone from OUKITEL and the company has repeatedly shown off the battery capabilities of the new device. Now in new video, the company tested out the power consumption of the K10000 MAX.

In the video, the K10000 MAX is used continuously for a total of three hours for different tasks including gaming, video recording, calling, music playback, and video playback, all of which were performed with the device at full volume and at the highest display brightness setting.

After the tests, the battery of the K10000 MAX dropped by only 5%, which is pretty impressive considering the number of tasks that were done in the three-hour test.

The K10000 MAX is able to do this due to its humongous 10000mAh battery as well as the company’s power usage optimization which enables the device to consume less energy during the first 10-15 percent of its battery life.

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The OUKITEL K10000 MAX will begin pre-selling on September 12, 2017, over at the OUKITEL official website. While its SRP is set at $249.99, users will have the opportunity to purchase it at only $199.99 during the pre-sale as OUKITEL is distributing $50 coupons to those who register for the pre-sale.