Oukitel K3 goes through power consumption test by watching Captain America Movie (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Oukitel just announced the presale of their latest smartphone Oukitel K3 which they define it as a smart phone designed for the business man. Users will be able to get K3 quite soon to check out its charm. It not only has a fashionable glossy design but also supplies powerful battery. This week the company released a video with a consumption test. Check the video below about how much power it would consume by playing a whole 1080p film.

It is known that Oukitel K3 sports a 6000mAh battery and its system is specially optimized to make it last longer. Oukitel Lab plays the film “Captain America” starting at 100% power. Of course, it is tested at maximum brightness and volume to consume the most power possible, as the screen is the item that consumes the most power. If you change the brightness and volume rate, it will last longer.


In the video, the staff checked the battery percentage in some time points. After half an hour, K3 had only consumed 3% of power. After 1 hour, the battery percentage dropped to 94%. After the whole film -which is 2 hours and 16 minutes is over- it just consumed 15% of power. According to the tested data, you can watch movies continuously for up to 15 hours, but the actual using time will differ according to smartphone status and network condition.

If you set different screen brightness and volume, it will go on for even longer, as the screen is the most power-hungry component. OUKITEL K3 also stands out in other aspects like double dual-lens cameras on the front and back, dual glossy design, powerful octa-core chipset, large 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, 5.5″ FHD display and so on. All these make the device a worth-buying smartphone. Presale of OUKITEL K3 is still hot ongoing, the price is only $139.99 which is lowest among its range. Check the presale here.