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Top 6 Reasons to buy Vkworld Mix Plus!

by Dimitris Economou 5

As the most affordable tri-bezel-less phone, Vkworld Mix Plus is becoming more and more popular. Vkworld will soon start selling the phone on other platforms like AliExpress. Mix Plus is not a super high-end smartphone. It aims for the middle-range market. But still, there are enough reasons to buy this phone.

Vkworld Mix Plus


1. 5.5 inch on-cell IPS display

Most budget phones and even some high-end phones from China cut expense on display. GFF full lamination is the most common technology. It saves time and money. But the screen is usually dim and colors unnatural. The on-cell IPS display on Mix Plus has higher brightness, contrast, and wider viewing angle. It is 95% NTSC color gamut with 580nit brightness and 175°viewing angle.


2. Tri-bezel-less design

The top, left, and right bezels on Vkworld Mix Plus are extremely thin. It saves a lot of space and makes the screen look much bigger and the body much smaller. When you compare it with other 5.5″ phones like iPhone 7 Plus, Mix Plus way shorter and narrower. You can use only one hand to type and your finger can reach almost anywhere on the display.

Vkworld Mix Plus


3. 2.5D Corning Mirror Glass on front and back

Glass is the trend of today’s smartphone. To make the phone more elegant, Vkworld chose mirror glass to cover the front panel and back cover of the phone. The glass is electroplated and you can totally use it as a mirror. And the color of the glass changes as the light hits it, just like in HTC U11. Moreover, it is Gorilla Glass, a guarantee for strength and resistance.


4. 13MP rear camera with bokeh effect

Vkworld Mix Plus does not feature a dual camera setup. But the company managed to add dual camera functions to it. Mix Plus can also adjust virtual aperture like normal dual camera phones. And you don’t have to do it after the picture is taken. You can just adjust aperture through the camera interface. Also, the camera has plenty shooting modes for users.


5. Brand-new UI and useful functions

The UI on Mix Plus is redesigned. Everything is different from previous models. The interface is more refreshing and simple. There are many DIY options for you. You can choose your own theme, wallpaper, icon, animation etc. And the system supports long screenshot and screen recording. It is very practical.

Vkworld Mix Plus

6. Affordable price, mid-range specs

For 3GB/32GB, MT6737, fingerprint scanner, 5.5″ on-cell IPS display, metal frame, Corning Mirror Glass etc, Vkworld Mix Plus costs just $139.99. But the company always offers a promotion for just $119.99, $109.99 or even $99.99. For those who want to experience full-screen phone and don’t want to pay too much money, Vkworld Mix Plus might be a good choice.

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  • Ulises Mordel

    The leading brand of rugerizados just released a new phone and I’m dying to have it, they should see it is the mini S30

    • Ionut Johnny

      Nomu bot, just stop, it’s not even funny and completely unrelated to the subject.
      Good price tag, I’m curious how is Vkworld as a company, I’m tempting to try some cheap phones.

  • Josef Izchaki

    I just received this phone and it replaced thethe Honor 6X i was using, This phone’s display brightness and colors are unbelievable! I thought i was looking at a 2K display. The phone is very compact and due to use of high quality materials like Metal frame and Corning Gorilla glass has just the right weight 162G. I was worried about speed, lag, etc. and was pleasantly surprised! The phone is smooth and fluid. And the bezels are the narrowest i’ve seen vs. all of the other Mi Mix clones from China. There are cons as well of course, One is the camera is acceptable at low light and the battery being 2850Mah can get approx 3-3.5hrs screen on time with a total of about 14-15 hours total on time and about 1.5 hours of talk time. It isn’t bad, but isn’t amazing either. If anyone has any questions about the phone i’ll be glad to help.

    • Rockitfellow

      Really? That is amazing ,I bought one for my wife,it is still on way, if like you said, I am sure my wife wil like it.

      • Josef Izchaki

        Congrats to the wife!