Xiaomi Mid-Year Sale on Gearbest is a Bazaar with up to 60% off deals

by Dimitris Economou 0

Being among the most popular tech companies in China, Xiaomi is taking the lion’s share whenever there is a promotion from big online retailers. This is the case with Gearbest that is hosting a Mid-Year sale for Xiaomi products. Yes, the promotion includes all Xiaomi products out there and not just smartphones. Right now, Xiaomi itself is manufacturing just smartphones, laptops, tablets and Tv Boxes. The rest of its product lineup is in cooperation with multiple startups that Xiaomi has invested in, the past few years.

Xiaomi sale on Gearbest

These products cover a broad spectrum in the life of modern people and extend from smart house accessories to networking and health. So, most of the smartphones are available at discounted prices and after that, there is a whole world of products to explore. Since the number of products is huge, you better explore them all by visiting the nicely categorized promotion page here. Just click on the category you want at the top of the page and you’ll jump right on it.