Vernee MIX 2 Pictures Leak, Features 18:9 Display and Dual Rear Cameras

by Martin 2

More pictures of the upcoming Vernee MIX 2 were leaked online recently, giving us a good glimpse at the devices’ design.

With the MIX 2, it looks like Vernee is following the current smartphone design trend of bezel-less displays as the entire front-panel of the MIX 2 is covered in a single panel of glass with no room for physical buttons and barely any room for the ear piece and front-facing camera.

The dimensions of the front panel also make it look like the MIX 2 will feature a 18:9 aspect ratio display, another one of the current trends in smartphone design as of late, a feature that many flagship devices from the top manufacturers have used including the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Another leaked picture also shows us the back panel of the MIX 2 which is made from a single piece of glass, revealing that both the front and back panels of the new device will be made from glass. The rear panel also features cut-outs for what looks like a dual rear camera system as well as a fingerprint sensor.

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There’s no word yet on the rest of the specifications of the MIX 2 as well as when it will come out but it’s definitely exciting to see more phones featuring bezel-less, full-screen front panels as well as dual rear camera systems.