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Cubot X18 Begins Pre-Sale, Priced at Only $59.99

by Martin 5

Cubot’s latest X18 smartphone has just begun its pre-sale over at GearBest and the company is running a pre-sale promotion that will bring the price of the device down to only $59.99 for the first 10 units sold during the pre-sale promotion period.

As previously mentioned, while the pre-sale period is ongoing, which runs from September 11-18, those who use the coupon “CUBOTX18” and are one of the first 10 to purchase the new device will only need to pay $59.99 while those who purchase after that will only need to pay $119.90.

Once the pre-sale promotion period is over, those who pre-order the Cubot X18 will have to pay the full price of the new device which is set at $139.99, making both the $59.99 and $119.90 pre-sale promotion price very attractive.

As a review, the Cubot X18 features a 5.7-inch 720p HD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, a MediaTek MT6737T processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a 3200mAh battery.

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Those interested in pre-ordering the Cubot X18 should place their order early every single day to take advantage of the $59.99 coupon or the $119.90 price tag. The Cubot X18 can be pre-ordered at GearBest here.

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  • Dragos Miron

    this phone is a joke. if you look at the videos on youtube the edges top and bottom are as big as on a normal phone. it is just a stretched out normal looking phone.

    • jimberkas

      holy crap. you are so right.
      I just went and searched this phone on youtube and the bezels are huge! why aren’t these companies sued to the ground for false advertising?

      • Nicolas Marshall

        Sued for just that ?? This is china d’uh… Most phone companies market their phones with heavy bullshit (and you can’t hurt such a big part of the chinese economy with lawsuits). Some will sell you “real iPhones”, most will sell you “faster than fast” phones with “space grade aluminium” and “military grade encryption security”, with less than no bezels if you can believe it. Look at those beautiful phones renders and they’ll have screens larger than the phone itself and they’ll be so thin that it’s under 0.0mm thick. Yep, not believing everything is the key here 🙂

        But… agreed… It’s quite annoying.

  • Mr ward

    Had x12 and x17 last year both screens failed twice do not chance it even for 5 bucks.

  • NextHype

    “autumn harvest sale” yeah… they’re harvesting dumb clients