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Koogeek WiFi Smart Dimmer helps you create the desired atmosphere

by Dimitris Economou 0

As a subsidiary company of Dodocool, Koogeek is producing various smart gadgets and accessories to make everyday life a little bit easier. Especially their smart home products have incredible value for money. Today, we will talk about their WiFi Smart Dimmer.

Koogeek Smart Dimmer

As you can tell by its name, the Smart Dimmer is used to control lights in your house. Being a WiFi-enabled switch, allows you to adjust the brightness via your smartphone. It works with incandescents of less than 400W and dimmable LEDs and CFLs of less than 200W. Also, you can control it through your Apple TV even when you’re away from home. Turn on the light before you arrive home and leave your home without worrying about your light.

Koogeek Smart Dimmer

This is possible thanks to the Siri Voice Control support and it works with Apple HomeKit technology. You can activate Siri and use voice commands to control the dimmer. Alternatively, you can control the dimmer through the Koogeek Home app directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch. What’s more, you can monitor power consumption. Monitor the status and power consumption of your light and collect data that helps you track the power consumption and save on electrical bills.

Koogeek Smart Dimmer

The Koogeek WiFi Smart Dimmer is available on Amazon US and CA in pack of 6 at a discounted price. To learn all the details about the device, just visit the official product page here. Also, on that page, you will find the links to Amazon stores.