How is the lumia 3D glass back cover of ELEPHONE S8 tempered?

by Dimitris Economou 17

Besides the tri-bezel-less, 2K resolution display, Elephone S8 has an amazing appearance in general as the company has made a huge effort on it. How did they manage to make the Elephone S8 more “cool” and stronger at the same time? According to the company, their engineers spent more than half year in testing and adjusting several materials, until they finally decided to use glass. Though glass is very ordinary in appearance, with their Lumia 3D craft (the same as on Elephone S7), it became magical, making a perfect back cover!

Elephone S8

The back cover contains two parts: one piece of 0.41mm 3D glass cover and one 0.15mm PVD film. With this kind of thin, the appearance looks awesome and it feels great when holding in hands. In order achieve the perfect appearance effect, the company bent the 3D glass in high temperature and polished its surface. After a series of quality testing and chemical intensify, the PVD film was glued it. The whole process needs about 32 hours.

Elephone S8

Elephone always focuses on product detail and makes efforts and time to make it better. With the Elephone S8, you will be able to feel the spirit and user-experience when you holding it in your hand. You can find it on Gearbest.