Wireless Speaker with embedded Magic Mirror LED lights offer (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Wireless speakers have become very popular since the new era in the smartphone market began 10 years ago with the coming of the iPhone. After that, smartphones became multi-purpose devices and substituted mp3 players to that extent, that even the iPod sales are going south.

wireless LED speaker

To complement this market, accessories’ manufacturers started making all kinds of accessories. One category in wireless speakers, since Bluetooth consumes minimal power compared to other wireless solutions. Newegg is offering such a device that not only offers good sound output, but it is very affordable too. Just use coupon MKTC7L0QYLII during checkout to get $17 off for a total price of $35.99. You can get it here. Below, you can see some of its main specs. For the full list, just go ahead and visit the product page

wireless LED speaker

1. 3D dynamic lighting modes: 3D spectrum display ( music ripple / flashing / rainbow / star / smoke / flower, etc)
2. The independent sound chamber: Independent acoustic sound chamber design, the seal is good, beautiful sound
3. Use of 1.6-inch, high-power high-strength within the magnetic core 19 full-range speakers, 2O 8W, bass sound stronger
4. Configure professional DSP audio processing chip, support EQ adjustment
5. Bluetooth 4.0, support for hands-free calls
6. Double lithium-powered ( 7.4V ), double voltage, double energy, playing time up to 10- 15 hours
7. HiFi level digital power amplifier, high-frequency transparent, full bass and elastic
8. The unique structure design, product surface splash, life water resistant, outdoor activities and more casual

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