Maze Alpha camera performance greatly improved after OTA update (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

After the first batch of Maze Alpha hit the market, reports and hands-on were complaining about the camera performance, especially in low-light situations. To address those problems, the company issued an OTA update that also fixed some other minor problems. Below, you can see the full list of fixes of the Maze_Alpha-V06_20170913 version update as well as some camera samples.

1. Bluetooth signal strength and consistency improved
2. WiFi connection error fixed
3. Camera performance improved as follow:
Balancing ISO and digital noise for sharper photos
Better effect in low light
Clear preview in photo mode
Noise reduction in video mode
4. Other system optimizations.
We have attached several pictures to show the effect.

Also, Maze uploaded a video with interesting tips about the Alpha concerning gesture control and other cool functions. Using gesture to unlock and operate via motion-sensitivity, your Maze Alpha could make much more convenience in a meeting or related situations.

Lastly, the Alpha Maze is still on offer over at Gearbest. The 4GB version costs just $179.99 and the top, 6GB version sells for just $209.99, maybe the most affordable 6GB device right now. You can find both here.