Azdome GS63H is the first 4K dash cam in the world

by Dimitris Economou 2

After the successful launch of DAB211 and GS65H last month, the rapidly growing Chinese dash cam manufacturer -Azdome- has never stopped in the pursuit of the best dash cam, they are now launching a new dash cam GS63H with many attractive features that you’ll probably love. According to Azdome, they have been waiting for this device too long, but thankfully it seems that the waiting is nearly over. So, let’s have a look at what are the dash cam best-selling points.

Of course, its video quality is one of the many reasons you may want to get this dash cam. Video resolution is one of the most important deciding factors in purchasing a dash cam nowadays, and the Azdome GS63H comes with a 4K resolution.

Azdome GS63H

Besides the resolution, another feature which makes GS63H much more appealing is that Azdome GS63H is equipped with built-in GPS and WiFi. Furthermore, the design of suction mount is also unusual compared to many other dash cams as it adopts silicone with greater force of friction on the bottom, which makes it easier to install and take down.

Other specs include Novatek96660 chip, OV4689 sensor, 2.4″ LCD, 150°ultra wide angle, G-sensor, parking monitor, etc. Do the specs you’ve just read appeal to you? You can learn more about the Azdome GS63H on their official website.

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